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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Spread the word about barefooting!

I just wanted to motivate my readers to get out there and spread the word about Barefoot/Minimalist running.

Lets all do our part in spreading this revolution around the globe!
I know this way of running will help a lot of people around the world become better, faster, injury free, runners and will make their running experience more enjoyable. Thus the sport of running will become more popular and more people will be healthier and live more centered lives.

Find forums about running and post about this form of running. If you want post a link to this blog so people can come here and learn more about Minimalist and Barefoot running.

Also join up on my forums located here and talk to others about the sport:
The forums are very new and just starting up, but the more people who join and participate, the better the community becomes.

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