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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Information from the book Born to Run

I just learned that we as runners do not reach our peak until the age of 27, then we slowly over time get slower, but do not get to the speed we were when we were 19 until the age of 64! Now that is INCREDIBLE!

I have also learned from the book that our brain is our efficiency controls, in that our brain tries to find ways to keep a little back for emergency purposes and it also tells you that you should relax. Well that was all fine and good back in the days when we as a race were working all the time, stalking, chasing, and otherwise using our bodies. Back then when you had a chance to relax you took it because you may not get a chance to take another break for a long time.

Well what our brain does now is the same thing, it tells us to relax but in todays world where we do not use our bodies all the time and do not really need that "little extra" stored up, we still do the relax part which is why we have so many couch potatoes in the world.

The point is, get out and use your bodies, eat right and be healthy!

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