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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My first run in Five Fingers

Yesterday I went for my first run in my Vibram Five Fingers. I went for about 30 minutes on a gravel and dirt perimeter road on the Navy base where I live. The shoes were great they protected me from the sharp rocks very well. I hit a couple of rocks that hurt, but all in all it was a very enjoyable run.

I wore them around the house the day they came in for a couple of hours like they tell you, you should do. They are comfortable and really hug your feet.

I did notice during the run that it really makes you use your calves more, and the balls of my feet were sore and tired near the end. I guess that is because my feet are used to being in foot coffins (shoes) and need to build themselves up. I know that as I am running and increasing my distance that my feet will get stronger and stronger.

Here is a picture of the KSOs in black like I have:

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