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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Longest run to date

I ran 6 miles yesterday on the gravel/dirt perimeter roads on Submarine Base Bangor in Silverdale Washington where I am stationed in 60 minutes (10 min mile pace).

I really want to get a lot faster than that, but I guess you have to start somewhere right? :)

It felt great, the Vibram Five Fingers were awesome! I had no problems running on the gravel in them.
At the end of my run I did not want to stop running, but due to time constraints I had to. I am really loving this feeling of getting back into running again. I really miss being a runner.

I am so happy, I found that a store called Central Market near me carries Chia seeds in bulk! I can't wait to try some out. I really want to make up some home made energy gels for use while I am running the longer distances.
I am also really interested in the different uses for them. I will post more about them as I learn more.

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