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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Run on Aug 4th

I did 2 miles on the Base perimeter gravel road in my Vibram Five Fingers. I felt great, the VFF were awesome! I hit a couple of rocks in such a way that they hurt, but over all I did not really notice the rocks. I actually like running on gravel in the VFF due to the massaging motion of the rocks on my feet.

I only ran 2 miles because I had our 17 month old baby in his jogging stroller and my wife does not like him to be too far from her, it is a mommy thing (a good instinct if you ask me).

I need to find a way to run with my son that I can pull him along behind me so I can use my arms for running. I hate running with a jogging stroller. I guess that is why it is called a "jogging" stroller not a "running" stroller. I did some looking online last night and I cannot find any pull behind. I have found ones for bicycles, but not for runners. Maybe I need to invent one and sell it? lol

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